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  1. Last Friday evening, I had the pleasure of officiating at my daughter's wedding in Laguna Beach, CA.

    When she asked me to perform the ceremony back in January, I just couldn't understand how that could be possible..

    Thanks to ULC and a long conversation with the Orange County Clerks office, I stood in a canyon before about a hundred friends and family members and asked for blessings for my sweet daughter and her new husband. It was positively magical...

    The prayers we gathered, "Prayer to the Four Winds" and the Apache Wedding Blessing made this ceremony so personal and heartfelt, like I said, magical. (a Red Tailed Hawk even showed up earlier in the day)

    I am honored. Thank You.

    That's just too cool :thumbu:

  2. Are store-bought flowers worth the expense?

    No, nothing beats sweating for days tilling the flower garden, pulling weeds all summer, draging out the hose to water (then forgetting that it's on until you wake up in the morning)

    Oh yea, I forgot to add that the wife brags to all her friend's about HER FLOWER BED, and ALL the WORK she did :thumbu: