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  1. Sitting before the warmth of a burning fire,

    Thoughts of yesterday swirl through my mind.

    Gone are the romantic castles, dark and dire,

    silently, corridors in them are dying.

    No longer can spirits floursh,

    Discovery, realism are the assassins.

    Spirts must die, in the pages of time,

    Returning only in the dreams of compassion.

  2. In the vast resivor of life,

    Pasts the depths of the sea of grass.

    There shall be eternal life;

    There among the ancestors of dead silence.

    Blind white animals reach upward

    for the light of day.

    From the natural womb in the body of the earth

    They arise to evade the land.

    Their organisms transmitting signals to the surface...

    Finally reaching the refuge of humanity, they spawn....

    Releasing isolated energy to an extreme

    They produce new life formed organs.

    Then from Sun, Moon, and Sky,

    Scavengers, preditors rise from the dark of night,

    to seek and consume new life,

    To repair and till their own.

    Now sorrowful as the morning dew,

    A gloriful glade lies dead...

    But as long as men can breath and eyes still see.

    Life lives on, and life gives to thee...

    So long as one blade of grass endures,

    There is hope for the survivor.

  3. I woke to find them playing hide and seek a game of fun

    What else was there to do?

    I joined and donned the skins and false beak

    And went to closets where I had no view.

    The masks did not come off, when gone was fun,

    and questions emerged- how and why and who.

    I felt around; in circles was I spun,

    And little of the others' place I knew.

    But then I saw the mount, the sky, the sun.

    In ripply ponds, I glanced at me, my dress,

    And chanced to note close by another one.

    At first the garb I viewed,, no more, no less.

    But I went past the layered facade to see

    A being there, and I discovered me.

  4. Their hooves beat heavy on the wind

    Like thunder clapping in a summer storm

    Louder yet, I hear them coming

    There are horses on the wind

    Their hooves pound out their fate

    Their destination yet unknown

    Horses on the wind

    Their fiery nostrils like the gates of Hell

    Nothing living can mount their fury

    Their muscles stretch with stress and strain

    Their warm deep breath chills the soul

    Excitement mounts with each hoof beat

    Fate she plays her heartless trick

    The hooves now fly, the manes, they blow

    The roaring waters rush below

    There are horses on the wind

    Their hooves poud out their fate

    Their destination yet unknown

    Horses on the wind

    Falling, falling there is no chance

    The water closes around the mass

    All is quiet the dust settles down

    The rushing water took its toll

    There are horses on the wind

    Their hooves poud out their fate

    Their destination yet unknown

    Horses on the wind

  5. 666 reminds me of the credit rating system, your score, your number, you can't buy or sell without taking a number, and if your number is to low, no car, no house, not even an apartment. I think were pretty close to this now. Just some thoughts, what do my ULC brothers and sisters think? G-D bless.

    Will anyone buy gas at $6.66 a gallon? :lol:

    However, in order to take part in this prosperity, everyone is required to receive the “Mark of the Beast,” presumably the number 666, on their forehead or right hand, in order to engage in commerce.

    This sounds to me like a description of a credit card. Anyone enjoying their prosperity that has a score of 666?