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  1. I just heard and got confirmation from a recently graduating lovely psychology student, that we humans can not create faces in our dreams. Every face we interact with and see in our dreams then isn't apparently someone our subconscious creates but someone we have seen in real life.

    Which kind of shocks me because many times I have dreamed of goddesses I would love to meet in "conscious" real life and apparently I have already done so and just don't recall it, yet I feel there is no way that if I have met these folks that I could ever forget such encounters ever!

  2. Too trippy....last night I had one of my "really weird" dreams in which a fellow in a strange wheel chair was the focus. I've sat here for a couple hours this morning trying to place a name on him as I just knew I had seen this guy before. Lo and behold a Bingo! = Prof. Hawking. The name just completely slipped by conscious thought and then I drop in here and...wow....too trippy.

    The details don't matter, but he was trying, again and again to run his chair off a cliff, out of jet-liners, off buildings all sorts of various attempts at "ending it all" of which I and some unseen person were trying to keep him from doing it. It was like our job or duty or such to keep this one person in check and from accomplishing his desired goal. One of those ultra real, very visceral dreams. Very odd choice of character though as I don't recall anything to do with Hawking since a Science Channel special many months ago.

    Well I can certainly get on with my day now! :dirol:

    Blessings Be,

    In the dream you should have just rolled him out of his chair :0

  3. With the recent tornado in the Oklahoma City suburbs where 51 people are now dead, I wondered what people attributed the disaster to? Of course the weather flattened the area, but is there a rhymn or reason for it, or do we just chalk it up to a random and unfortunate occurrence?

    I personally believe that God created everything, including the weather, so directly or indirectly, nothing happens without God knowing or controlling the parameters. In this case, the atmospheric conditions which formed the tornado were part of what God put into motion.

    If we believe Isaiah 45:5-7 it is clear who is responsible for Oklahoma and the weather.

    I form the light and create darkness,

    I bring prosperity and create disaster;

    I, the Lord, do all these things.

  4. Pete,

    May I commend a book to your attention which you, Fawzo and others might find interesting - The Reluctant Parting: How The New Testament's Jewish Writers Created A Christian Book by Julie Galambush. It came out 7 or 8 years ago and I suspect it is still in print.

    Dr. Galambush, who is a professor of religion at one of the jewels of American higher education, The College of William and Mary, brings a unique perspective to her work. She is a Jewish scholar who prior to her conversion to Judaism was a Baptist minister.

    Thanks for the recommendation RabbiO I just ordered my copy from Amazon.

  5. We're not even an occupied country and yet look at all the "Messiah" types that spring up in our own country that people desperately cling to looking for hope. Just to name a few of the more infamous like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Appelwhite (Heaven's Gate) and even the likes of good ole Charlie Manson. I am quite sure tucked around our country now there are thousands of small groups who believe that their charismatic leader is quite possibly the Messiah.

    Now drift back into time to an occupied land of less sophisticated peoples who has suffered thousands of years of hardships under the thumb of various conquerors and it is easy to see how many more Messiahs would be quite common place. Then imagine one who seemingly dead may have been revived by a cool dank tomb, which was not a rare occurence back in those times and is it any wonder the story spread more then most of the other Messiahs of the day. I have acually read that in those times it was Jewish Law that someone check on the tomb a few days after burial to make sure that the ceased had not been revived. I would think that maybe RabbiO could confirm or nix that laws existance.

  6. Look at every belief system across the planet. Sooner or later folks come along who think tweaking this or that makes more sense to the cultural lenses through which they interpret the belief systems meaning. Buddha, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Mohammed, John Smith, Martin Luther and the list is endless. Saul of Tarsus did the exact same thing with the teachings of Jesus IMHO.

    He tweaked the teachings of a wise Jewish Rabbi and made them affable to the poor and destitute which gave them hope of which they had little in this life. Most of his early converts were women and slaves who were looked down upon by a male dominated society. The authorities of the day wisely saw how such a belief system based in guilt and shame and which gave the peasants hope in a future life beyond the miserable one in which the peasants now suffered might appease many urges by the masses to revolt since it claimed that suffering for Christ was a good and pious thing.

  7. This is also my feelings... our future off-spring returning to investigate their origins.

    One theory is that the two different types of "Grays" are future humans trying to come back and fix some calamity. The one group came back once and screwed up which led to the creation of the other group. Nice to know that future humans are as big of screw ups as modern ones lol

  8. I think the probability is almost 100% that there is life elsewhere in our Universe. I am not 100% sure yet if they have visited here , but think it is likely. I saw the prettiest ball of electric blue energy soar by above my car one night under the cloud cover coming home form work on second shift. Didn't make a sound and lasted for one second as it zoomed out of sight.