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  1. Ha! But it was you who judged my judgement thereby holding to something that was uttered by my lips.

    Actually I was judging the judgement of the Masters with the words "their lips" only because they aren't here to defend themselves. :inno:

    We all do judge, you know.

    Did you just infer I had the intelligence and awareness of a sea slug :kimmy:

    And if the gift you have offered is not accepted then who's is the gift to hold? No on's. It has fallen on infertile soil; never to germinate and bloom.

    Heck no! I just hand it to the next dumbass that walks by :fear: not to imply that you are such!

    Kinda' like pissing in the wind. Hehehe.


    'Tis true that a combat needs be conducted between two combatants, but, if one does not choose to engage in combat that one may still die from a blow from the sword.

    Peace & Love!

    You have to catch me first! :fear:

  2. A question for my Taoist, Buddhist and Zen brothers and sisters?

    Who is your favorite Author?

    I drool whenever I get my hands on an OSHO book.

    Somehow each one I read by him seems better than the last. Right now I'm reading "The Buddha Said..." my all time fav!

  3. Oh Yeah? You calling me unenlightened? Hehehe.

    How about if I change it from stupidity to unnecessarily reckless?

    No, on second thought I will stick with stupidity. Hehehe.

    Peace & Love!

    But Master I have not called you anything. It is your own mind which holds this conversation with you.

    I have only offered my lowly outlook on the parable.

    But if I were so bold and foolish to wrongly judge you as unenlightened and offered it to you as a gift, if you do not receive it, is it not still mine to carry all the days of my life. :smart:

  4. I guess it just depends on one's perspective.

    There are times when I meditate that I wear earplugs and cover my eyes and try to turn off as many senses as possible to enjoy the bliss as long and as deep as I can, not even caring if the house burned down or burglars broke in and robbed me.

    So I guess the Master still living can look down upon the corpse and say such stupidity, but I also see the Master who has transformed to the other side looking down on his associates and saying stupid mortals if they only knew.

    I think if either were truly enlightened the judgment of the words stupidity would not leave their lips.

  5. Ok I'm forcing the other side of my brain to start working more so I'm putting more effort into understanding some of the wonderful poetry I see posted here.

    Most the time I see everyone praising the pieces but I've been clueless to what the poems refer to.

    I gonna say this one is speaking of a Hand fasting?

    I do better with Dr. Zeuss :shy:

  6. Hey Grasshopper! (Hehehe),

    You're doing fine. You see, when we stop all this silly contemplation about progress and goals and enlightenment, etc. we have time to live our life. If lived appropriate, our actions in life will bring about all these things "Naturally".

    The problem is that when we sit around and meditate, asking questions that have no answers, dreaming up lofty goals for our life, our life is slipping away and we are not living it. We need to get up off our behind and LIVE! Progress will come, as if it was meant to be - naturally. I suggest to you that the best things we will ever do with our life is to live it and share it with others.

    You see, progress is not the goal - living a fruitful life is the goal. When we are fruitful there will be progress. Just like the seeds that fall after the blooming of the flower. True, some seeds will fall and be eaten by ants and never progress to new plants but even those have served a purpose because they have fed the ants. And those seed that do germinate will become new plants and new flowers. That's progress!

    Peace & Love!

    Ah the scales have fallen from my eyes Master and now I see the light.

    Twas not a ball of wax at all but a beautiful cocoon and the Lovely Butterfly has been set free and will now float blissfully through life.

  7. I support you in your above statement. It is very difficult to discuss the concept of "non-doing" as used in Tao and Zen philosophy.

    I will comment on the following: "This story demonstrates the Zen teaching of everything being perfect as it is."

    I suggest that it is not necessarily that "everything is perfect" but rather that everything is exactly as it should be at this very moment in time but that doesn't mean that we should not try to make things better. It is just that there is a 'right' time for everything, and when one selects the 'right' time for action then the action will require the least amount of effort. Almost like the event happened on its own, naturally.

    Peace & Love!

    I would like to buy your pretty ball of wax except it melts when I hold it to the light and read this line in the story

    The master did not see the student again for a year. Finally, he came one day and the master inquired as to his progress. "I am just trying to live my life. As for progress, I couldn't care less!

    I am but a silly grasshopper maybe my Masters could enlighten more on this?

  8. ... and was nearly run over by a skateboarder so he decided to walk into the park and find a secluded place to sit and meditate but ...

    ,, there was a Scout Jamboree going on and one of the Scout awards for just attending the Jamboree was a Golden Pencil box. There were thousands of Golden Pencil Boxes everywhere so Fawzo just sat on a fallen tree and wept until..

  9. This story demonstrates the Zen teaching of everything being perfect as it is. Things come and go, all in due time.

    The story leaves me with the felling that seeking progress is a waste of time and that we should accept everything as it is. But I can't accept that in my present state of mind.

    This would mean accepting slavery, war and even global warming and the deforestation of our planet as being perfect.

    A planet full of enlightened beings would not seek to change anything and without change would become stagnant.

    I would much rather see a story in which the initiate learned to accept that which he could not change as being perfect and to seek to change the things

    that he could.

    Thanks for the story.