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  1. People that need to label everything have control issues. It is an external sign of fear and insecurity. It is funny to me since all labels are pseudo representations of the experiences and emotions they are trying to convey to others. Silly humans. People who are rabid about such labeling should seek help or learn to stop on their own in my opinion.
  2. Ok lets toss aside the writings of 6th century men put to paper from older oral traditions and the redacted 3rd century writings of Rabbi's. We'll assume for the sake of argument that God did forbid same sex sexual relations. Now can you tell me who can hermaphrodites and bi-sexual chimeras have sex with who share the genetic makeup of both male and females alike? Are they forbidden from ever loving anyone and making love to that person who returns their love. What percentage of male DNA must one have before they are forced to only have sexual relations with females and vice versa. Who is to judge what this percentage must be 75%-25%, 51%-49%, 60%-40% and how would a person even find out what percentage they are. It is rare but some hermaphrodites have both working sexual organs. Now consider that at least 1% of all human births deal with some transgender issue. And some of the things we do know. http://www.isna.org/faq/frequency Here’s what we do know: If you ask experts at medical centers how often a child is born so noticeably atypical in terms of genitalia that a specialist in sex differentiation is called in, the number comes out to about 1 in 1500 to 1 in 2000 births. But a lot more people than that are born with subtler forms of sex anatomy variations, some of which won’t show up until later in life. Not XX and not XY one in 1,666 births Klinefelter (XXY) one in 1,000 births Androgen insensitivity syndrome one in 13,000 births Partial androgen insensitivity syndrome one in 130,000 births Classical congenital adrenal hyperplasia one in 13,000 births Late onset adrenal hyperplasia one in 66 individuals Vaginal agenesis one in 6,000 births Ovotestes one in 83,000 births Idiopathic (no discernable medical cause) one in 110,000 births Iatrogenic (caused by medical treatment, for instance progestin administered to pregnant mother) no estimate 5 alpha reductase deficiency no estimate Mixed gonadal dysgenesis no estimate Complete gonadal dysgenesis one in 150,000 births Hypospadias (urethral opening in perineum or along penile shaft) one in 2,000 births Hypospadias (urethral opening between corona and tip of glans penis) one in 770 births Total number of people whose bodies differ from standard male or female one in 100 births Total number of people receiving surgery to “normalize” genital appearance one or two in 1,000 births So Pastor Dave the folks who so ignorantly judge these people as abominations in the eyes of God for merely being born the way they are naturally created are the abominations in my eyesight. It it they who need to repent and ask God and their fellow man for forgiveness. Plus Christians might not know that No species has been found in which homosexual behaviour has not been shown to exist, with the exception of species that never have sex at all. 10% of Male Sheep are homosexuals and I think 4% of the whole animal kingdom is. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexual_behavior_in_animals
  3. And where in that article does Hawking even remotely claim that Gravity is the strongest force? You know darn right well he would never make such a claim. Claiming gravity helped to form the Universe is not the same as claiming gravity is the strongest force in that Universe.
  4. Ok I can understand that, yet in your earlier post you stated Biblical Law and those Jewish Laws are indeed part of the Biblical Code of laws and Matthew informs us "For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." I am full aware that the Apostle Paul diametrically opposed Mathhew's view and that of the Judean sects and considered the Law a curse. So now I must ask you should Christian Americans still stand for the every jot and tittle of the Law as Matthew puts forth or should maybe your statement be amended to state that Christian Americans just should be held accountable to stand for New Testament Codes of conduct which Jesus put forth, which doesn't condemn homosexuality at all.
  5. Happy Holidays to everyone!!!! Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards all of mankind and all sentient beings everywhere.
  6. Ah I see how it can be interpreted that way and you are correct. Sorry. Never intended to infer that you already have killed anyone standing up for Biblical Principles. In my line of thought the "next" was intended to be associated with the "going out" portion. You were also correct in that the whole point was an exaggeration of the extreme measures one must enact to "stand" for Biblical Principles according to those Old Testament Laws. I must ask you seriously though since you stated that Biblical Morality doesn't change or adjust for time or subjective morality do you personally feel as if people who break those laws I listed in that first slanderous post deserve and should be put to death?
  7. You did state "Christians in America need to stand for Biblical principles and stand against sin. Particularly those who are in the public eye. There is no question about what the Bible says. and, even though he paraphrased the bible, the verses still exist. We, as Christians, must defend the morality taught in the Bible. Biblical morality does not change just because society would like it to." Where has anyone bore false witness? How do you plan on standing for those Biblical Principles I listed unless you act on them? If you don't plan on acting on them wouldn't you be sitting on them instead
  8. Remember the Dixie Chicks?
  9. Sorry but you are dead wrong. It is scientific fact. The Strong Nuclear force is what holds the nuclei of atoms together that shapes galaxies. Did you know that gravity is the weakest force in the universe? Well, it's true! There are four fundamental forces (that we know of) in our universe: Strong Nuclear, Electromagnetic, Weak Nuclear and Gravitational. The strongest one is the Strong Nuclear force, which is responsible for keeping the nuclei of atoms together. About one hundred times weaker than the strong nuclear force is the electromagnetic one. This is the strongest force that we experience in our everyday lives. In fact, whenever we touch anything we experience the Electromagnetic force. The electrons in our skin repel electrons in whatever we touch through this force. The Weak Nuclear force is the one responsible for most decays of particles and nuclei - which is where radioactivity comes from. This force is about 10 billion times weaker than the Electromagnetic force. The weakest of all is the Gravitational force. In fact, Gravitational force is 10 thousand billion billion billion billion times weaker than the Electromagnetic force. Well, it sort of makes sense because if the Gravitational force were stronger than the Electromagnetic one, we would fall right through the floor! http://www.scienceiq.com/Facts/WeakForce.cfm
  10. Actually you are incorrect. Gravity is the weakest of the fundamental forces in the Universe and that is why it can be overcome so easily. I can merely jump and defy the gravity that is being exerted on me by the whole Earth....not very strong now is it.
  11. Pastor Dave when do you next plan on going out and killing folks you better grab plenty of ammo 1) Capital Punishment Crimes: Kill People Who Don't Listen to Priests Anyone arrogant enough to reject the verdict of the judge or of the priest who represents the LORD your God must be put to death. Such evil must be purged from Israel. (Deuteronomy 17:12 NLT) Kill Witches You should not let a sorceress live. (Exodus 22:17 NAB) Kill Homosexuals "If a man lies with a male as with a women, both of them shall be put to death for their abominable deed; they have forfeited their lives." (Leviticus 20:13 NAB) Kill Fortunetellers A man or a woman who acts as a medium or fortuneteller shall be put to death by stoning; they have no one but themselves to blame for their death. (Leviticus 20:27 NAB) Death for Hitting Dad Whoever strikes his father or mother shall be put to death. (Exodus 21:15 NAB) Death for Cursing Parents 1) If one curses his father or mother, his lamp will go out at the coming of darkness. (Proverbs 20:20 NAB) 2) All who curse their father or mother must be put to death. They are guilty of a capital offense. (Leviticus 20:9 NLT) Death for Adultery If a man commits adultery with another man's wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death. (Leviticus 20:10 NLT) Death for Fornication A priest's daughter who loses her honor by committing fornication and thereby dishonors her father also, shall be burned to death. (Leviticus 21:9 NAB) Death to Followers of Other Religions Whoever sacrifices to any god, except the Lord alone, shall be doomed. (Exodus 22:19 NAB) Kill Nonbelievers They entered into a covenant to seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with all their heart and soul; and everyone who would not seek the Lord, the God of Israel, was to be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (2 Chronicles 15:12-13 NAB) Kill False Prophets If a man still prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall say to him, "You shall not live, because you have spoken a lie in the name of the Lord." When he prophesies, his parents, father and mother, shall thrust him through. (Zechariah 13:3 NAB) Kill the Entire Town if One Person Worships Another God Suppose you hear in one of the towns the LORD your God is giving you that some worthless rabble among you have led their fellow citizens astray by encouraging them to worship foreign gods. In such cases, you must examine the facts carefully. If you find it is true and can prove that such a detestable act has occurred among you, you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock. Then you must pile all the plunder in the middle of the street and burn it. Put the entire town to the torch as a burnt offering to the LORD your God. That town must remain a ruin forever; it may never be rebuilt. Keep none of the plunder that has been set apart for destruction. Then the LORD will turn from his fierce anger and be merciful to you. He will have compassion on you and make you a great nation, just as he solemnly promised your ancestors. "The LORD your God will be merciful only if you obey him and keep all the commands I am giving you today, doing what is pleasing to him." (Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT) Kill Women Who Are Not Virgins On Their Wedding Night But if this charge is true (that she wasn't a virgin on her wedding night), and evidence of the girls virginity is not found, they shall bring the girl to the entrance of her fathers house and there her townsman shall stone her to death, because she committed a crime against Israel by her unchasteness in her father's house. Thus shall you purge the evil from your midst. (Deuteronomy 22:20-21 NAB) Kill Followers of Other Religions. 1) If your own full brother, or your son or daughter, or your beloved wife, or you intimate friend, entices you secretly to serve other gods, whom you and your fathers have not known, gods of any other nations, near at hand or far away, from one end of the earth to the other: do not yield to him or listen to him, nor look with pity upon him, to spare or shield him, but kill him. Your hand shall be the first raised to slay him; the rest of the people shall join in with you. You shall stone him to death, because he sought to lead you astray from the Lord, your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, that place of slavery. And all Israel, hearing of this, shall fear and never do such evil as this in your midst. (Deuteronomy 13:7-12 NAB) 2) Suppose a man or woman among you, in one of your towns that the LORD your God is giving you, has done evil in the sight of the LORD your God and has violated the covenant by serving other gods or by worshiping the sun, the moon, or any of the forces of heaven, which I have strictly forbidden. When you hear about it, investigate the matter thoroughly. If it is true that this detestable thing has been done in Israel, then that man or woman must be taken to the gates of the town and stoned to death. (Deuteronomy 17:2-5 NLT) Death for Blasphemy One day a man who had an Israelite mother and an Egyptian father got into a fight with one of the Israelite men. During the fight, this son of an Israelite woman blasphemed the LORD's name. So the man was brought to Moses for judgment. His mother's name was Shelomith. She was the daughter of Dibri of the tribe of Dan. They put the man in custody until the LORD's will in the matter should become clear. Then the LORD said to Moses, "Take the blasphemer outside the camp, and tell all those who heard him to lay their hands on his head. Then let the entire community stone him to death. Say to the people of Israel: Those who blaspheme God will suffer the consequences of their guilt and be punished. Anyone who blasphemes the LORD's name must be stoned to death by the whole community of Israel. Any Israelite or foreigner among you who blasphemes the LORD's name will surely die. (Leviticus 24:10-16 NLT) Kill False Prophets 1) Suppose there are prophets among you, or those who have dreams about the future, and they promise you signs or miracles, and the predicted signs or miracles take place. If the prophets then say, 'Come, let us worship the gods of foreign nations,' do not listen to them. The LORD your God is testing you to see if you love him with all your heart and soul. Serve only the LORD your God and fear him alone. Obey his commands, listen to his voice, and cling to him. The false prophets or dreamers who try to lead you astray must be put to death, for they encourage rebellion against the LORD your God, who brought you out of slavery in the land of Egypt. Since they try to keep you from following the LORD your God, you must execute them to remove the evil from among you. (Deuteronomy 13:1-5 NLT) 2) But any prophet who claims to give a message from another god or who falsely claims to speak for me must die.' You may wonder, 'How will we know whether the prophecy is from the LORD or not?' If the prophet predicts something in the LORD's name and it does not happen, the LORD did not give the message. That prophet has spoken on his own and need not be feared. (Deuteronomy 18:20-22 NLT) Infidels and Gays Should Die So God let them go ahead and do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. As a result, they did vile and degrading things with each other's bodies. Instead of believing what they knew was the truth about God, they deliberately chose to believe lies. So they worshiped the things God made but not the Creator himself, who is to be praised forever. Amen. That is why God abandoned them to their shameful desires. Even the women turned against the natural way to have sex and instead indulged in sex with each other. And the men, instead of having normal sexual relationships with women, burned with lust for each other. Men did shameful things with other men and, as a result, suffered within themselves the penalty they so richly deserved. When they refused to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their evil minds and let them do things that should never be done. Their lives became full of every kind of wickedness, sin, greed, hate, envy, murder, fighting, deception, malicious behavior, and gossip. They are backstabbers, haters of God, insolent, proud, and boastful. They are forever inventing new ways of sinning and are disobedient to their parents. They refuse to understand, break their promises, and are heartless and unforgiving. They are fully aware of God's death penalty for those who do these things, yet they go right ahead and do them anyway. And, worse yet, they encourage others to do them, too. (Romans 1:24-32 NLT) Kill Anyone who Approaches the Tabernacle For the LORD had said to Moses, 'Exempt the tribe of Levi from the census; do not include them when you count the rest of the Israelites. You must put the Levites in charge of the Tabernacle of the Covenant, along with its furnishings and equipment. They must carry the Tabernacle and its equipment as you travel, and they must care for it and camp around it. Whenever the Tabernacle is moved, the Levites will take it down and set it up again. Anyone else who goes too near the Tabernacle will be executed.' (Numbers 1:48-51 NLT) Kill People for Working on the Sabbath The LORD then gave these further instructions to Moses: 'Tell the people of Israel to keep my Sabbath day, for the Sabbath is a sign of the covenant between me and you forever. It helps you to remember that I am the LORD, who makes you holy. Yes, keep the Sabbath day, for it is holy. Anyone who desecrates it must die; anyone who works on that day will be cut off from the community. Work six days only, but the seventh day must be a day of total rest. I repeat: Because the LORD considers it a holy day, anyone who works on the Sabbath must be put to death.' (Exodus 31:12-15 NLT) http://www.evilbible.com/Murder.htm
  12. Have a blessed joyous vacation my friend.
  13. Ah but you're the one making the claim, isn't the onus of proof squarely on your shoulders.
  14. Have you read any books on the subject such as "many lives, many masters" or "many lives, many loves" and some of the amazing stories. This story is one of my favorite reincarnation stories besides that of an 11 year old who visited her husband from a previous life. http://nell-rose.hubpages.com/hub/Jenny-CockellThe-True-story-of-a-Woman-Who-has-Lived-Before-Mother-of-yesterdays-Children
  15. Doesn't the testimony of thousands of individuals count as evidence. It does in a court of law
  16. Find this list a bit disturbing. Ministers are one of the jobs that psychopaths gravitate towards. At least I'm not the only one here muhahahaha
  17. Not if she is still the Virgin that Catholics believe her to be
  18. If I truly cared about the welfare of the patient then I would realize that "forgiveness" would benefit my patient and be inclined to inform them of the benefits of such. Then if they still were not inclined to meet their devil seed I would leave it alone.
  19. I don't understand the mindset of people who feel the need to go off on innocent people these days. Most the time the people being killed have nothing to do with the situation which has the angered person going off the deep end. It they are going to vent so violently I wish they would at least vent at some of the folks who are directly or at lest partially responsible for creating their situation, not just nameless innocent souls that have done nothing wrong to them.
  20. What if you perform the ceremony on the 9th when you ask the couple for their "I do's" they then write down their answers and place them in sealed envelopes which you hold onto until the 12th and then you officially pronounce them man and wife through e-mail or skype on the 12th.
  21. I love all their videos. Some are a bit blasphemous at times but they do make one think.
  22. I don't think I believe in the normal concept of reincarnation as most people perceive it. I believe in consciousness being able to project and focus on multiple events in seemingly different time frames which may all be occurring simultaneously at times.