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  1. The term extraction makes it sound as painful as getting teeth pulled. I wonder if it is possible to get anesthesia before going through such an ordeal, since the undesired spirit will still be awake and that way the person can rest.

    Not a smart idea, as being unconscious (in whatever way) is what made you susceptible to the entity in the first place. You need to consciously participate in your healing.

  2. Interesting post, and quite humorous, actually. Makes me wonder why you were moved to write it. :smart:

    So, I'm compelled to write a response:

    I agree.

    There is no "God-thingy" who will show up, saying "okydoaky!" So governing yourself is the exact plan set in motion when you were born. Glad you got the message.

    Now, the reason you can do all these things is:

    You're God.

    Yep that's right - you're God. We're all God (or whatever you want to call him/her/it). We just don't know it. And so we wreak havoc on the world and each other, trying to find SOMEBODY in charge and SOMEBODY to blame when we screw everything up. Or we use the 10,000-year old excuse: It's God's will or the Devil made me do it. Well, sportsfans, guess who's all the above?

    You see, there are 4 levels of spiritual consciousness:

    1. Me. This is where God exists outside of myself. That I must look to some higher power/wisdom to find Grace.

    2. Us. This is where "me" realizes that God is beside me, helping, guiding and answering prayers, leading me to Grace.

    3. We. This is where "me" realizes that God is in my heart, within me, and that the Light of Spirit actually resides and creates within me the love that is the Grace I have been so desperately seeking.

    4. I (or One). Now this is where "me" realizes that God is not only within me, but that I am one with God, connected to God and every THING. By working as the One, the all connected, goodness and mercy can be spread throughout the world, and Grace becomes a living entity.

  3. much music is truly inspired - Mozart is a classic example (and no pun intended).

    The complicated mathematical computations required to create music (way beyond head-banging or rap) takes it to the highest level of the art form, just as complicated structure and color management takes painting or sculpture to its highest level.

    The emotions music compels is an indicator of what level it reaches. When it touches your soul, there ain't much higher than that.

  4. Does the truth come in colors?

    IMHO, truth comes in all colors, like people do, like plants do, like everything does. And each has their own truth. And the truth changes, as it should. For what was true in the past, is no longer true today. And that is sometimes a good thing.

    And so, the colors will change - by hue, by tone, by value. And that is also sometimes a good thing.

    Life adapts. We should, too.

  5. I would not return any although sometimes I recycle some, I mean, there are some gifts I just dont know what to do with.

    Now this makes sense.

    The gifts we are given are opportunities to see beyond the literal. Yeah, there's bodily functions and other such interactions, but those are not "gifts" per se, those are just part of this physical existence. Every day you get a brand-new chance to change things, to do the right, the higher and greater good... if you understand or see what you are really doing.

    So yes - to "recycle" is what we do until we learn what to do with what we are given.