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  1. Shalom, I would say read the original if you want to read something... I always opt for original, though it is inconvenient, I truly believe the effort will pay off... I have never heard of two versions of the Quran but I know that five versions of the Quran exist before its canonisation and it is recognised by the Muslims nowadays. They mentioned this in our Islamic study text book and I am living in Malaysia! Not much I can remember of those but it seems that there are people who memorise it better and redacted it to restore the Quran to its original glory. Though a lot of people says that Islam is very intolerant and stuff like that; I am living in an Islamic country and in the same time I am practising a Judaic faith. Also, I like to say that if one has to learn one's religion, don't look at what other practise... Look at what the teaching has to say... Like the Quran, it will never be complete without its interpretation, the Hadith. It is pretty much similar to the Talmud being the interpretation of the Torah... It has been a while since I posted here. I hope everyone is fine... I am in the midst of preparing my thesis for submission. I am in my final years now, graduating this August. Hope I can share a lot here... Yours Sincerely, Henri Lai
  2. I am reading the Tanach (as always), The Path of the Righteous Gentiles and Everyday Holiness.
  3. I agree with you Heart of Fire... We cannot understand the term love in a very humanly fashion. However, we can understand love towards G-d as a lover do. Since the Scriptures have to speak the language of men in order to make us understand, we can direct our loving thoughts towards G-d and feel inspired with His Great Might and Awe! When one feel it and know it, the feeling of love will come to him. As to the question will G-d 'reject' loves, I would say no. If you love HaShem (G-d) with all your heart and soul as well as whole-heartedly, HaShem will gladly accept you and guide you as his children. Love between HaShem and His creations is almost comparable to love between parents and their children. However, if you direct lust towards HaShem, I think this will be counted as a perversion as G-d is not human nor your spouse!
  4. Why I joined? I love ULC idea! That's why I joined! Peace and Unity on earth, who doesn't want that? Amen! Shalom, "Rabbi" Henri