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    My interest range from Bible studies to totally unrelated area such as world culture and Chinese calligraphy. However, I do enjoy combining all of these to produce a masterpiece! I fancied the idea to create a Chinese Torah translation and use my calligraphy skill to write the whole Torah but this will be difficult because I do not really know Chinese. Anyhow, I am really grateful that I am learning a lot of languages (such as Hebrew and Korean). Another interest of mine is cooking especially Korean and middle-eastern cooking. They are out of this world!
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    Judaism, Ben Noachism

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    Students, Education Coach, Biblical Teacher
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  1. Shalom, I would say read the original if you want to read something... I always opt for original, though it is inconvenient, I truly believe the effort will pay off... I have never heard of two versions of the Quran but I know that five versions of the Quran exist before its canonisation and it is recognised by the Muslims nowadays. They mentioned this in our Islamic study text book and I am living in Malaysia! Not much I can remember of those but it seems that there are people who memorise it better and redacted it to restore the Quran to its original glory. Though a lot of people says that I
  2. I am reading the Tanach (as always), The Path of the Righteous Gentiles and Everyday Holiness.
  3. I agree with you Heart of Fire... We cannot understand the term love in a very humanly fashion. However, we can understand love towards G-d as a lover do. Since the Scriptures have to speak the language of men in order to make us understand, we can direct our loving thoughts towards G-d and feel inspired with His Great Might and Awe! When one feel it and know it, the feeling of love will come to him. As to the question will G-d 'reject' loves, I would say no. If you love HaShem (G-d) with all your heart and soul as well as whole-heartedly, HaShem will gladly accept you and guide you as his chi
  4. Why I joined? I love ULC idea! That's why I joined! Peace and Unity on earth, who doesn't want that? Amen! Shalom, "Rabbi" Henri