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  1. ~ Ahhh... Phillipe mon petite :wub: Sweet darlin little punkin snookie-ookums sugar pie! :friends:

    It's OK.

    You can be a grumpy bastard all ya want. That's fine!

    Sorry if you're uncomfortable having let slip the fact that you are human & care about others & may even worry.

    What, you think you're going to be attacked at what you may perceive as a point of 'weakness'?

    No one was attacking, they were showing concern for you. Like friends do.

    If that makes you uncomfortable, I'm sure everyone will stop. Just as friends do!

    We'll carefully leave it at cyber-sexual innuendos & never be personal again, if that makes you more comfortable.

    That's what friends do.

    He's my grumpy bastard and I love him like that.

  2. Was the saying old, or just the Taoist saying it? Might be important if this ever goes to court...

    Yes, perception is everything, as I miss no opportunity to remind people.

    So Silver Rose's announcement that "life isn't easy but it's worth it" - it had meaning to you, right? But not to me.


    ...So therefore, I can sue her for the alienation of my spirituality, forcible belief-system alteration and felony happy-happy, right? :thumbu:

    See? I knew this would end up in court...

    Phil my Sweet, this is making you grumpy. Go to my room, I know how to fix that.

  3. Here i gave it a try.

    Claire's Monster Box traverses through time and space, like the Tardis it will seeks to find the locks it has erased.

    Like the many worlds and deeds it traverses each way, they are like to have created some of the sands of time and place.

    this then is where the Monster Box has gone, and let out many of the Monsters to sing some songs and to play.

    So we dance and sang upon the ledge, of space, as we can see from many aeons the clay does tend to crumble.

    Tumbling to that emptyness and beyond, over the edge we do go, to a place of adventure in continuing through time and

    space till we can see eternity!

    In Clair's traveling Monster Box we go on to see the galactic shows!