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  1. nope, not in the slightest.

    however- opinions on topics like that, whether positive or negative, have nothing to do with "reasonably assuming," as they're based on personal viewpoint and nothing more.

    (attempted to edit this earlier, but couldn't find the thread...)

    "reasonably assuming"... examples:

    - situations in which one or both individuals were pressured into it;

    - situations where one or both individuals do not take it seriously;

    - situations where for one or both, there are questionable motives (like a local individual who asked about a piece-of-paper temporary 'marriage' so he could be eligible for some kind of housing thing that he was not eligible for with his 'live-in' arrangement.

    I believe if clergy is aware of these kinds of situations, they're morally obligated to refuse.

    but then, that's just my POV.

  2. so all 3 siblings informed me I am a bad person , and my siblings significant others . I am really feeling disconnected and as much as i have helped these people i keep getting told i am an awful person ..maybe I just am

    if the stuff u posted here and awhile back is any indication of the situation u are dealing with, "you're a bad person!" can more accurately translate to "because you won't give us what we want, won't do what we want, etc. etc."

    in other words, you're dealing with selfish, self-centered morons who are doing nothing more than using a form of temper-tantrum because they're not getting their own way.

    please don't buy into it- u can drive yourself batty if u accept the blame for someone else's behavior & lousy attitude.

    and, if your mother is tagging u with a 'syndrome' over this, it sounds like she's as wacko as the others. (no offense intended)

  3. Just playing devil's advocate here.

    I can appreciate the sentiment but you are singling out a specific group of people based on their beliefs and behavior and condemning them. You are asking god to punish them for who they are.

    How is this spreading god's love?

    Isn't what you're doing with this the exact same thing as they are with homosexuals?

    gay people aren't who they are or what they do for the purpose of causing misery to others,

    while that's precisely what these individuals are and are doing.

    big diff.

  4. In allowing another person to live their truth, I am honoring their truth.

    & that's the core of the problem. some do not want to hear 'it is right for you,' but insist on hearing 'it is right.'

    Everyone judges, its how we come to determinations, and everyone is intolerant of certain things. If a person is intolerant of nothing, they most likely stand for nothing. Just my opinion of course.

    and mine also.

  5. I would like to hear everyone's opinion on whether they believe they are responsible for their thoughts and dreams.

    Many times it seems as if just random stuff starts entering my mind, and I wonder about the origins of thoughts and dreams and emotions. Some times the thoughts are of the most vile and evil nature and I question if whether these thoughts are creations of my own mind or are they being projected into it from some external source. On the other side of the coin there are times when information enters our minds that we have no reasonable explanation for being aware of.

    So my question is should we be held responsible for traffic that passes through our awareness in our waking and dreaming states or should our responsiblities rely on how much focus we place upon individual thought forms?

    Dreams: no. a person's defense-mechanisms cannot operate when he is asleep; he has no control over what goes on in his mind.

    Thoughts: "yes and no"-- meaning: a person generally cannot prevent random thoughts from crossing his mind... however, he does have some degree of "say" in whether he just lets negative thoughts "keep on crossing and go on their way" or whether he lets them stick around so he can "entertain" them for awhile. :coffee:

  6. topic reminds me of lil story I read about the little girl in Sunday School class... after the teacher told the story about Lot's wife being turned into a pillar of salt, the little girl said something similar had happened to her mother :rolleyes: When the teacher asked her to explain how her mother turned into a pillar of salt, the girl said she was driving and turned into a telephone pole :fear::devil:

    (I'm guessing with my inability to relate stories, no one will think this is funny) :tease:


  7. Whether the outer stretches of

    Southern Iowa, the city streets at night, or

    the daytime sidewalks of footsteps and

    noise, for years she searched in thought

    and sight for the commonality, searching,

    searching for a word a phrase, an accurate

    way to describe to define it all.

    What is the common ground the

    word to describe that which is vast wide

    and uninhabited as well as that which is

    populated yet still missing something,

    something important, essential, yet in some

    odd way seeming as empty as the places

    which have no human element at all?

    Searching, searching for the right

    word, the word came: desolate.

    Perhaps it would sound strange both

    to those so familiar with the emptiness as

    to think it normal and the outsider who has

    never seen it at all, how empty how

    desolate even a crowded city can be, this

    place unlike any other experienced before,

    this place where human beings are not

    connected to one another.

    The word in its accuracy rang like a

    broken bell, one tarnished and left to its

    decay, as if kicked aside and, invisible to

    the masses in their drone of apathy, left to

    freeze solid to the ground or blister in the

    summer sun.

  8. I did that face match up and because of the way I had my hair swept up it said I looked like Condoleeza Rice...I will never do that thing again!!!!

    hahaha that's a good one! :lol::lol::lol:

    I just now found this thread, decided to give that site a try... first I put in my blonde pic and it came out Nicolette Sheridan; then I put in dark-hair pic and it came out Rani Mukerji... didn't help that I'd never heard of either of them, but looked them up & I just don't see it... IRL I used to hear Joan Baez (in her long-hair days)

  9. At Home:

    Summer: shorts, flip-flops, t-shirt or just boxer shorts

    Winter: sweats, 2 pair socks, slippers, robe or just boxer shorts

    Fall: PJ bottoms, t-shirt, flip-flops or slippers (depending on temp) or just boxer shorts

    Spring: PJ bottoms, t-shirt, flip-flops or slippers (depending on temp) or just boxer shorts

    In Public:

    Summer: shorts, flip-flops, t-shirt

    Winter: sweats, 2 pair socks, shoes, jacket

    Fall: PJ bottoms, t-shirt, flip-flops or slippers (depending on temp)

    Spring: PJ bottoms, t-shirt, flip-flops or slippers (depending on temp)

    Formal Wear:

    Summer: Hemmed shorts, flip-flops, Best t-shirt

    Winter: New sweats, 2 pair socks, slippers, Best robe

    Fall: New PJ bottoms, t-shirt, flip-flops or slippers (depending on temp)

    Spring: New PJ bottoms, t-shirt, flip-flops or slippers (depending on temp)

    Cleric Wear:

    Summer: Hemmed shorts, flip-flops, Best t-shirt, cleric collar

    Winter: New sweats, 2 pair socks, slippers, robe, cleric collar

    Fall: New PJ bottoms, t-shirt, flip-flops or slippers (depending on temp), cleric collar

    Spring: New PJ bottoms, t-shirt, flip-flops or slippers (depending on temp), cleric collar

    Doctor Appointments or other Medical needs:

    Summer: } Full body environmental suit with oxygen pack!

    Winter: } "

    Fall: } "

    Spring: } "

    now that's a well-organized guy!!! :lol::tease:

  10. I did a lil sermonette on this awhile back...

    Happy and Content are two entirely different things...

    Happy is conditional... because of someone or something, or in spite of someone or something...

    Content, on the other hand is internal... it's either there or not...

    so to answer your question-- generally content, not much rattles me