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  2. I have thought long and hard on this. Having seen people go through the rehabilitation process and knowing what a horrible world it is for some people I would not want to see the death penalty for mine or my families killing. Hell it would hurt, but I still would not want it. I believe prison does work and for some its the only consistent family they have ever known. Although I believe in the eventual rehabilitation even I recognise that there are some who will always be a danger to the public or permanently disturbed and for them life in prison is the only solution.I don't believe killing for killing solves anything. If it was the US, China, and Russia would be the most safest in respect to murder in the world but they are not. China kills so often and for petty crimes but it still has criminals and murders.
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  4. There is an old curse, which I think applies here. "Don't die. Suffer." Death is the end of torment. A lingering life is not always mercy.
  5. I think that's the idea. What does Flat Earth have in common with Creationism? Genesis. Inerrant Genesis. Authority is intoxicating.
  6. If someone can just say 'god did it' then all the questions stop; the mind stops, the thinking stops, the learning stops, all replaced by a vast, quiet, calm, stupidity.
  7. My two cents on this might not actually be worth that much to some folks, but I'll put it in just to stir some more thought into the mix. I'm fairly conflicted on the death penalty. On one hand, the dispensary of justice for it is flawed, as evidence of possible innocents being wrongly convicted. On the other, why should a serial/mass murderer be allowed to live much longer than his/her victims, even if in prison? If one answer to the latter is, "to reflect on his/her crimes and discover remorse", than more often than not that would be a bet no gambler would be willing to take. It would be enough for them to be alive, and some actually might enjoy remembering their acts. Any criteria that may be established can be viewed as made with bias, no matter what it is. How can that be overcome in the interest of fairness and justice for all? The issue is a deep quagmire of muck, even before the issue of religious conviction is factored in. I only know that on a personal level, if a person kills a member of my family, and I know for certain who did it, I'd want them dead, too.
  8. It's time for a little science humor. Q. Why are the days longer in Summer, than in Winter? A. In Summer, it's hot and they expand. In Winter, It's cold and they contract.
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  10. The videos were parodies of modern church services. I found them amusing. There was no sarcasm.
  11. sorry jonathon,but the sarcasm was over shadowed by whatever it was that you were trying to say. maybe it's just a senior moment(actually quite a few of them strung together),but i don't understand.
  12. I just don't understand why nowadays so many churches decide to have the concert instead of wearing traditional clergy suits during the Mass or regular worships? Anyway, I'm a fond of concert and there are so many great bands out there.
  13. Ken Ham with Answers In Genesis. AKA Ham and A.I.G. It's old news and it's pure mind rot.
  14. To be fair, one needs to listen to the other side's story. Pay special attention from the 3:00 minute mark thru 5:00 min, kinda sums up their whole mindset
  15. Valid Practice I'm not Pagan. I don't have a horse in this race. Still, I thought it was an interesting, thought provoking, blog entry. Enjoy.
  16. some people are still puritans and some have finally grown up.if a nudist lifestyle fits for you both,so be it.
  17. I was just reading an article about the flat earther who died trying to prove the earth is flat, " “I don’t want to take anyone else’s word for it...” “I don’t believe in science...” You would think that would be enough but no, he had more to say on the subject of science (and by extension, education, research and intelligence), “I know about aerodynamics and fluid dynamics and how things move through the air, about the certain size of rocket nozzles, and thrust. But that’s not science, that’s just a formula. There’s no difference between science and science fiction.” Imagine that, not science, just a formula. Well the formula technically is math, but the science behind (yup, aero- and fluid dynamics is science), pretty solid, based on experimentation. But sadly, science or not, he just didn't know enough about aero or fluid dynamics, or physics, or gravity and he met his earthly demise. Wonder what his thoughts were on the way back down. And yes, creationism is, was, the root cause. Silly old wives tales based on innocent ignorance (originally, that is). That anybody in 2020 can still believe that nonsense is such a sad state of affairs and is entirely religion's fault (to be clear, a certain kind of religion, not all). Sadly people are willing to throw away knowledge, throw away decades, centuries of scientific research and experiments in favor of children's stories that were never intended to replace actual knowledge. All those stories were, were just people's way of trying to explain things that they didn't understand. As knowledge was gained, it replaced superstition and the supernatural. But now it appears that some people are just moving backwards. It's easier to just throw up your hands and say god did it. No homework, no classes, no quizzes or tests, certainly no college and no degrees. Nope, a couple years of home schooling from a mom who thinks dinosaurs lived along side puppy dogs. What can possibly go wrong?
  18. Giving a lot with this, hypothetically if the punishment were is still morally wrong. It is imposed by a fallible and often corrupt system, regardless of where you live. If it is possible that the convicted did NOT commit the crime, then to apply death to the individual is reprehensible. I view the punishment of death as unjust because the act of killing, even lawfully, has the potential to damage the do-er, and the families and lives that interact all around. And no, dan. Being anti death pen doesnt equal being anti punishment. There really are other punishments.
  19. America has for profit prisons. People who should be released on parole, are kept imprisoned, due to contractual obligation.
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