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  2. Once again from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer: For The Harvest o f Lands & Waters: O gracious Father,who opens thine hand & fillest all things living with plenteousness:Bless the lands & waters, ,& multiply the harvests of the world;let thy Spirit go forth ,that it may renew the face of the earth;show thy loving kindness,that our land may give her increase;& save us from selfish use of what thou givest,that men & women everywhere may give thee thanks;through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. For Travelers O God our heavenly Father,whose glory fills the whole creation,& whose presence we find everywhere we go; Preserve those who travel;surround them with your loving care;protect them from every danger; & bring them in safety to their journey s end; Through Jesus Christ our Lord.Amen.
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  4. That was impressive. Any thoughts on herbal teas? In particular, chamomile, peppermint or ginger?
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  6. My sister Joanne...

    Greetings to you my sister, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  7. In The Book of Common Prayer/Episcopal/Sept 1979 ed,Seabury Press pub/Pg 814 Starts general prayers& Thanksgivings/#56,on page 831 has a prayer for The Victims Of Addiction: O blessed Lord,you ministered toall who came to you:look with compassion upon all who thru addiction have lost their health and freedom. Restore to them the assurance of your unfailing mercy;remove from them the fears that beset them;strengthen them in the work of recovery;& to those who care for them,give patient understanding & perservering love .Amen An Irish Benediction:May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back; May the sun shine warm upon your face, & the rain fall soft upon your fields, & until we meet again; May God hold you in the palm of His hand.Amen
  8. My sister Joanne...

    I will keep your sorrows with me for a time.
  9. My sister Joanne...

    With a heavy heart, I pass on the news that yesterday, November 16 at 2:30 pm, CA time, Joanne Brumley, my friend and sister, left behind the pain of advanced colon cancer to find out what her next step would be. She is at peace. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
  10. Thanks for your additional insights! Yes, like the other church members we follow the tradition once we receive our booklet. Usually it has around fifty pages. At the end of the booklet we quit writing. When we had kids...the rest of the year our family reverted back to announcing one reason we are grateful today. One of our foster kids announced the same one everyday. He was thankful to whomever invented ice cream. we never found a reason to budge or to nudge him off being stuck on that one. He really did love I’ve cream! Now that the kids are gone. It is back to just the two of us. And at every meal we select our favorite reason to feel grateful. I used to battle depression by keeping a journal. I would get writers cramp now as my cup runneth over with blessings.... it takes several minutes to pick the best one of the hour. NICE PROBLEM TO HAVE....finally! von
  11. Your legacy...

    I used to play around with verbal paradoxes when I was in my twenties. That's the results of trying to unwind one.
  12. Your legacy...

    Rings of Zen, to me.
  13. Your legacy...

    That sounds Taoist. Is it?
  14. I've done gratitude journals off and on over the years, usually during a hard period in my life. Sometimes there doesn't seem to be any good thing on what seems to be an endlessly terrible day, but it does help when done regularly. There can be so many negative things that stress us or cause real problems in life; politics, medical and financial stress, work, retirement, buying things ... and we can sometimes focus so much on that elusive future where we envision everything will be better, then when we finally get there, sometimes it wasn't the great happy thing we'd hoped for. We can get so caught up in the future or stress now, we might not appreciate what we have and who we have in our lives now. I'm also a little bit lazy, so once I get over the bad patches of life, I usually stop the gratitude journal, but it does help retrain your mind's way of thinking and perspective in looking for the good things, those little incidents that happen, or the people who, maybe just by a smile or word of encouragement, brought a moment of reprieve and brightness in what seemed like a bad day. A gratitude journal collects those good moments, and when you can start flipping back through pages and see those good things, it teaches you the optimism to look for those few good things that happen or be thankful for those people right now, during every day. You can't change the past, and though it seems like there is so much we always have to worry about the future - later today, tomorrow, next week, in the next few years - what we do have is now, today, and find the good, today. I like the idea of husband, wife and kids all sharing their gratitude for each other, I'd never heard of that as a process of keeping a gratitude journal. In Rational Hedonism we have a mini-Thanksgiving the 20th of every month where we remind friends and family how important they are. Kids and spouses so often hear only griping about each other, so the idea to share with kids or grand kids what positive things they do might be especially important nowadays to inoculate them against a world of cyber bullying and peer pressure that causes so many teen suicides. Do you still keep one?
  15. christmas is *not*one of my holidays i celebrate(but any holiday that involves food i am good with ).i do however like giving presents to my sisters(and my sister in law),and my nieces and great isn't a lot,but they seem to like it.that and it's my husbands favorite thing to do.same for birthdays. as for myself,i buy what i need if i need it(or really think i do),so i really don't want are cool tho.
  16. Your legacy...

    Of course. Things are never that simple. In a vast, diverse, and massively interconnected universe where the only real constant is change, how could they be? One of my favorites- There is an exception to every rule. That rule is its own exception.
  17. I do not normally participate in holiday gift exchanges. I get my sister a yearly Kwanzaa gift, mostly because the wrapping paper and card annoy her almost as much as the Christmas ones she sends annoy me. I love giving birthday presents, though. I see them as a chance to show someone that I value them, and to encourage them to celebrate themself. It also gives me a chance to see how well I really know them. I firmly believe the ideal gift for you is something you want, but something you would never buy for yourself. When I hit that mark just right, it just makes me proud, you know?
  18. The first year our little church was in existence.... our funds were at rock bottom. Since we did not take up a collection”...of ever even remind people about donations; initially people just didn’t think about it. So the liturgy committee has exactly what they were willing to pull out of their own pockets to work with....and they hit upon a plan that we repeated every year after. They literally emptied their pockets and came up with just under fifty bucks. We had twenty members at that point (four months old)..... They brainstormed searching for a tangible item they could tie to the Refection I was about to offer to the congregation and came up with an item. We DID NOT originate journaling. We certainly did not invent the idea of a gratitude journal. What they did organize was a system of making the ideas real and part of their day. Every person received a journal ....even the kids. We were tasked to list three and ONLY three specific reasons we were grateful before going to sleep each night. Grateful for events of just that one day. We were to share them with the family at breakfast the next morning. COUPLES.....were to include one specific reason to thank their partner each day. Kids were to include a thank you to a parent each day. We hit a home run. People LIKED hearing reasons they mattered to their partner.... and liked hearing thx from the kids. often the reasons were inside jokes or funny. They ends up saving the journals and insisted those little holiday books be an every year event. We still get letters about that.... i suspect writing it down solidified the thoughts... Anyone else doing gratitude journals? von
  19. All of us flux on tons of stuff in our life. As kids we had years of wonder and delight if we were lucky. At least a couple of them. As adults - it can be a roller coaster. Years we want to see the family and years we don't. Years we are flush with cash and jolly as heck and years we are depressed for whatever reason. You can do your level best to keep the holidays in the mid-range of stress ...but you are not living in a cave or under a rock. People will gift to your (often without you wanting them to)....they will demand you be jolly, be a good sport and sing along at the office party....the family will EXPECT things from you......even sending a handmade card can get expensive. The one thing that is very difficult is to get people to just let you be alone that holiday in particular . It is both a good thing - and a bad thing - that people just will NOT let anyone sit alone for that one day. Even for introverts it is both a good thing and a bad thing. So......let's take a positive spin with this thing for anyone that needs a push that direction. Picking no more than two things....why are you GRATEFUL for the holiday season (it can be you love seeing the Grinch featured on so many items.) What ever you pick - it has to be stated in the positive. von
  20. Honestly? Just leave me out of it. Giving a gift to someone who cannot reciprocate is almost a hostile act. Moreso when the gift is given to celebrate a holiday the other party does not celebrate. It puts them in a very uncomfortable position. There are some fairly obvious exceptions, though. Among family and friends where sharing and free exchange are common, for example...
  21. Your legacy...

    I am repeating the entire quote as it has heft and worth. I appreciate your not giving up on me. We sometimes DO pretend things are simple. And sometimes we attempt to make the more complex than they all of us rationalize to our own point of comfort. We are not necessarily pretending. It is the reality we can work with sometimes. I appreciate the points you raised. They have much worth. von
  22. Coming from a rather large family (or at least large for the income my folks had to work with) - the holidays were sort of stressful. We KNEW not to ask Santa for anything over $10.... Once my mother got a post-holiday thank you note for the lovely inclusion of $20 in the box of chocolate covered cherries she gave to one of dad's co-workers. Two problems. The box of candy was a re-gift - they had no money to buy gifts for co-workers and they scrambled when someone came to the door and mom...just took a gift she had received (the candy) and re-wrapped it to cover the moment. Probably because they could not afford to give anything - giving something was important to her - I guess. She would not have felt that way later in life I am sure but she was a young mother trying to do too much with too little We would have loved the candy. She needed the twenty bucks she did not know was in the bottom layer of the box. She was saving it and never looked beyond it was the best treat that could have been for she gave it away in a moment's haste and later regretted it big time. How do you feel about re-gifting if the gift is new - nice - and something you will NEVER use? What is you know someone who would really, really LOVE it...okay to let them have it ? Tell them it is a regift? Wrap and save yourself money? The money you saved then becomes your gift? How do you feel about people giving you gifts that require you spend more money? A painting that you might well WANT to select a frame matching your taste ...but there is no money to buy frames so it sits in the closet? Some sort of coupon book that only works if you spend money to go out to eat...the savings is great - if you have the funds to begin with..... Plants that need watering when you travel? Of heaven forbid surprising you with a puppy? When you are low on funds......(like broke) .....what would you like OTHERS consider for your holiday happiness? von
  23. Your legacy...

    What we remember is a bit irrelevant. An anonymous donation is still a donation. A forgotten debt is still a debt. Our name can be lost and our legacy can still remain. It works like an inheritance, which is where the term " legacy" comes from. Some parts of an estate will usually be more appreciated than others. Over time, it may be forgotten that a specific item was ever a part of an estate. To the specifics of McCain, he inherited suffering from his captors. That is a part of their legacy. He took what he inherited from them and made something new to pass on to others. That will be a part of his legacy. Yet there is more to any man than that, and a man who lives that long will have necessarily left behind a very complicated estate. One word he said to one person at just the right time may have had a more real and lasting impact on the world than any of the stuff that makes him famous. So a total and accurate accounting of his legacy is impossible for us. We just sort of look at the parts that stand out as important to us and act as if that is all there is. Humans, as a group, do not deal well with complexity or ignorance. So we pretend things are simple, and we pretend we know.
  24. I am going to propose a series of topics....and separate them so the post is not too lengthy. Please feel free to pick and choose as your individual convictions, belief system or opinion warrants. Grab Bag topic: Gift giving......something you do for others or the truth be told something we most often do for ourselves? ...thoughts to consider...if it is FOR them....why put a name tag on the gift......they love it just as much if Santa brought it, no? ....because THEY need to thank someone...or because you want credit for giving it? you ever find yourself taking the spotlight telling everyone the great lengths to which you went to find this perfect gift? it just fun as heck to tell everyone the GREAT bargain price you scooped this thing up for? Just a kick start string of ideas about gift giving..... von
  25. Your legacy...

    I'm saying we can't know how those actions will carry forward and instead of focusing on a future we will not be a part of we should focus on the here and now.
  26. Since my far-flung family will not be together.... we always try and have one thing we ALL do....a “theme” item for lack of a better word... we photograph “ our” family of the day (whoever is gathered at our various homes) and send it to the other siblings to have a together moment of sorts. THIS YEAR....we will each be including a Thank You Puerto Rico poster.... as the kindness of the citizens there saved our eldest brother ( who resides there as a permanent resident)..... Bt happenstance in enlisting any help possible for news.... all of us siblings...independent of one another.... visited with transplant Puerto Rican’s (all of whom did what they could to help us) my case a couple young people at a nearby military base and three university students stuck in the dorms over the better believe we are inviting them to our homes.... i’m Thinking our annual photo this year might feature a flag or two from Puerto Rico von
  27. Introduction

    I had to come back & say,please excuse my typo s above ,I didn t proof read it ,as I went out for my daily walk.A daily walk can cut depression symptoms by 30%,according to the A A R P/American Assn For Retired People s buleitin. I tore it out & taped it in my bathroom.Ive been taking a daily walk for the past 32 yrs..My go to cardio,with all kinds of fringe benifits. 12 % of the population suffers depression at one time or another.I had a younger brother that was bi polar diagnosed,mostly manic, but succame to the depressive episode back in 77.He had a different biological dad ,so he was a half brother.His dad was a detective,so they tried to say all the trouble he got into was me,making my life difficult back in the 70s.He moved to California,got a mechanics certificate from Long Beach Comm College,as did my older 1/2 brotherie,moved to Cal & got the mechanics certificate from Long Beach Comm College.,He also has since passed away 2 yrs back. So my go to anti depressant is the Whey Protein Concentrate at a half scoop dose,not the Isolateform of whey protein.It has a full complex of amino acids 1/2 are good for depression all by themselves like glutamine l-,phenylalinine,gaba,tryptophan,tyrosine,bcaa s...SAMe is used for depression,&its base is methionine ,another amino.St Johns Wort Extract is said to be one of the best anti depressants,& Kava kava ext is said to be better than valium...One should always use a multi one a day without iron on any supplement regemin...
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