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  2. Numbers to a “good life”

    Yes, that was quite helpful. Thanks.
  3. Numbers to a “good life”

    I think the hierarchy of needs is worth reviewing here ('s_hierarchy_of_needs). A lot of the arguments above seem to stem from category errors when desiderata from different levels of the hierarchy are compared. It seems to me that the Good Life TM involves having all of your needs (but probably not all of your wants) at all levels met.
  4. Not everyone here is a lawyer, either. So, to determine what is legal in your location is best to consult with one in your area who knows, or an official that records such events. As for title, you are allowed to use whatever you deem is appropriate to your ministry or religion.
  5. Quiz-one topic

    I find it useless to debate free will in the context of a moral argument. If we do not have free will (ie we cannot make a meaningful choice), then there is no moral action - what we do is inevitable. It may be a point of interest in other contexts, but in a moral debate, free will is a necessary assumption.
  6. Quiz-one topic

    Argument, circular: See circular argument. Circular argument: See argument, circular.
  7. Numbers to a “good life”

    ....providing whatever is stronger than the nail? von
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  9. Greetings

    What do you mean by saying "your country has a quiet few laws concerning marriage"? Well, in my country there are two types of weddings, civil wedding and church wedding, civil weddings are granted by a civil servant, the church weddings are given by a priest (depends on religion or Christian denomination), or a concordat wedding, fusion between a civil marriage and church weeding. I don't know about Polish law, because I'm not a lawyer, but I want to know if my ordination is legal by Polish law. As far as a title, so I can for example choose and be a pastor or reverand?
  10. Numbers to a “good life”

    There is a nail that needs to be hammered. A hammer is a thing you can use to make hammering easier. But hammering is something you can do with whatever is handy. So if a man has competence in hammering, pretty much everything is a hammer. If everything is a hammer, what does it really mean to say you need a hammer?
  11. Numbers to a “good life”

    I think I like your grandma. Does she bake pie? Had to ask... some grannies are pretty wise. They always get my full attention when the bribe me with home-made pie. Your spin on granny’s outlook put a good spin on it. von
  12. Numbers to a “good life”

    Drat! I’ll settle for speeding to the exit ramp on this class. They do not have to give me the $200 bucks when I pass “go” I am toying getting another degree. I believe I have enough credits to roll me back in as a junior or senior .... I might have to check on that. we can safely assume I will NOT. Major in philosophy von
  13. Numbers to a “good life”

    Interesting notation. Access to shelter.... mobility to exit in advance of disaster.... we rambled all over the place. AT LEAST we had all team members engaged this time.....THAT ALONE was progress. von
  14. Numbers to a “good life”

    My grandma always use to tell me; "If you've got food, shelter, and your health, stop bitching, because everything else in life is just frosting on the cake".. So I suppose that a guy living in a cardboard box under an overpass would consider every one of us as living the "good life".. A persons perspective on what's constitutes a good life, is dependent on his vantage point.
  15. Numbers to a “good life”

    The Good Life is an abstraction. I can only speak knowingly of My Good Life.
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  17. Numbers to a “good life”

    Had to break it to you, my friend, but nobody ever mastered philosophy. Folks have gotten degrees in it, yes, but it isn't limited by that and therefore isn't ever truly mastered. There are thoughts that have been considered before, but there haven't been considered the thoughts that have yet to come.
  18. Quiz-one topic

    I'm really trying here...but if you go back and look, that is the EXACT DEFINITION I GAVE AND YOU QUIBBLED OVER! Define circular argument?
  19. Greetings your country has quite a few laws concerning marriage.i can't find where or what religious persons are allowed to preform a marriage ceremony(legal). as far as a title,you decide that.
  20. Quiz-one topic

    Most people do not define the terms they use unless they assume the usage may not be understood. As such, most terms dont get defined until after someone has expressed a misunderstanding. When I use the term "free will," I use a meaning more closely represented by this definition from the Oxford English Dictionary "The power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one's own discretion." Even that definition lacks the nuance needed to properly describe the term. You can look at this for more depth. A sample- "Philosophers who distinguish freedom of action and freedom of will do so because our success in carrying out our ends depends in part on factors wholly beyond our control. Furthermore, there are always external constraints on the range of options we can meaningfully try to undertake. As the presence or absence of these conditions and constraints are not (usually) our responsibility, it is plausible that the central loci of our responsibility are our choices, or 'willings.'"
  21. Numbers to a “good life”

    Consider the difference between "having shelter" and "having the ability to shelter."
  22. Numbers to a “good life”

    Merriment is good!
  23. Numbers to a “good life”

    I presume this very enthused professor is fully aware on a room full of newbies ....that none of us would remotely catch structure issues. A third of our group is worried about this class as they are scholarship recipients and unlike their other classes related to their major(where they are far more comfortable and interested) .... this classes had them anxious. Another third is reasonably assured of passing with a “c” or higher and not too concerned (serious whatever attitude).... and rest are VERY lost. None of us ever considered the work problems were “engineered” for a stacked deck. We pretty much are just racing the clock with any answer right now .... deep think is not happening for any of us thanks for the thought .... maybe by June we will have mastered which way is up... von
  24. Numbers to a “good life”

    I actually started to pie on the list. I decided to go with cake. Why? The cake is a lie. That is a joke you probably won't get, but there are a couple of forum lurkers who are chuckling right now.
  25. Numbers to a “good life”

    It is a set up from the beginning. Environment is universal. The universe itself is environment. Unfair parameters.
  26. Quiz-one topic

    Again with definition problems? I used Merriam Webster. If we are going to have a debate about something, or a discussion of any note, it seems it would be helpful to use a commonly accepted definition...just a thought. is a logical fallacy to alter the definition of something AFTER you have started a debate about it, you know?
  27. Numbers to a “good life”

    What a GREAT belly laugh this morning! THANKS! I fear you are exactly correct von
  28. Numbers to a “good life”

    I rather enjoyed your support of the beauty and money issues. Since we had to keep the components universal....we could not come up with any place risk free of environmental issues.... so shelter got put in and taken off the list a couple of times.... your wider view is helpful. Next class all of the groups will have to merge our lists into one perfect list. I am sort of wondering what the entire class together voted for.... what did the larger group of 20-something’s decide... von
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