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    • Senior Lightworker Lucas

      Message from the office   07/13/2017

      There is an important message from the ULC Staff Office in the Admin Announcements & Maintenance forum. More info is on the way regarding new changes. The new area, Interpath Academia & Scholarship is open for creating new topics. We hope these areas will offer productive and insightful discussion. Please be sure to read the updated ULC Online Forum Statements, Rules & Policies, and the introductory post for each area. 

Lecture & Ceremony


  1. * The Pulpit *

    The Pulpit is your space to share an original sermon, lecture, spiritual essay or dissertation with an audience. It offers a lesson, perspective or enlightenment about a way of living for consideration to contemplate or put into practice.
    ~ Posts are unable to be replied to. You can quote a post and start a topic in a discussion area for respectful conversation.

  2. * Ritual & Ceremony *

    This Ritual & Ceremony Area is your space to share original ceremony scripts and officiating instructions with an audience. We welcome requests and encourage discussions and tips for officiating and sharing resources.