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  2. Actually, I think some may have to keep records of some kind, in order to maintain their tax exempt or non-profit designation with the tax laws that the IRS is suppose to help maintain.
  3. One of the most helpful things I have learned from meditation teachers .... was the fact i did not need to pick up a ton of ritual in order to reap benefits from meditation. One of the most helpful things to me especially during my work years was - meditating quicker (and more often) beat the pants off of not doing anything at all - for effectiveness. If I had to carve out twenty minutes it was less likely to stop and slow down than if I had a "drive through" version that I could do in five minutes. I NOW find either way is good. Lots of little hits during the day can be as effective on a hectic day as a true and deep session on a relaxing day. It seems far too many how to medication books really offer suggested length of time per sessions that are daunting for may - especially beginners. it might keep someone from joining in the very best - self induced wellness program I know. Anyone else a fan of drive through/short but effective - style of meditation? von
  4. So churches open their books for verification to the IRS? (Our church had a great relationship with the IRS and applaud them....they were VERY helpful to us.) ....however - we never sold things, ran raffles, played bingo - had school tuition, owned church vehicles, sponsored church sporting leagues, ran a church child care center, carnival, or a church coffee shop or gift there was zero chance we had any "profit" I am not sure that churches are audited in the same way individuals are audited. Are they? Are churches required to complete an annual tax form like a business? And submit their revenue annually for scrutiny. If not - then how would anyone know they have a profit - I am wondering. If they do - then I guess it would be self evident. von
  5. Hmmmm....I have been to some lovely church events and ....some of the worst gossip sessions I have ever heard - in church basements. I think they offer (some of them) a WIDE array of social venues. They raise lots of money and constantly need to expand the empire to feed the growing list of staff to support all that. It can often be accomplished without the tithing requirements too - maybe? If it can be - than why not have the churches focused on spiritual betterment and do it effectively? I am not sure the diluted efforts is making current church structures very effective as anything more than a social club. Maybe.....jus mulling it over a bit. von
  6. You raise a reflective moment here.....the fact that any person with an agenda is looking for a way to wield their weapon. Interesting. Folks are seeking a way to weaponize their opinions/ some degree. Interesting concept. Thx von
  7. You are right - I was unintentionally exclusionary in my wording - I would be most happy if you would contribute as I know you have, very often, helped me to cement my own thoughts. von
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  9. Happy Thanksgiving everyone hopefully everyone will have a good one out there. God bless you 

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  11. For the average American, the holiday season is fed by greed and guilt no matter if one is religious or not.
  12. My biggest problem with it is this: Each year, I see encouragement for family interaction, I see ads and pamphlets telling people to start new family traditions. It isn't exactly a stolen holiday, since the date in question can be used to start any new family tradition that arises. It isn't copyrighted or anything My problem is that so many people use it as an excuse to merely attack others of different beliefs(namely Christians, whom I don't necessarily agree with by any means). It's a way for the pagans to claim a moral superiority with a typical childish, "I thought of it first!", which of course fails on the basis of its own childishness. I don't like Christians who claim the holiday was theirs originally, but it's few and far between. And who knows what holiday might have been on that day before the pagans laid claim to it? It's not that it's a big deal. It's that it ISN'T, any more than Atheists putting up billboards promoting a new holiday tradition without the religion involved...
  13. interesting question von,but you did say the"religious folk"so i'll stay out.
  14. Your legacy...

    "Everything I say is a lie." "I'm lying."
  15. Your legacy...

    Ew. I don't want your used utensils. This sentence is false
  16. Your legacy...

    "When you come to a fork in the road -- pick it up."
  17. Your legacy...

    There is no "now". Time is never static. You always have one foot in the past and one foot in the future. To ignore the future is to ignore one of your feet. That's how you get trench foot. I don't recommend it.
  18. Curiosity question ...again to the religious folk affiliated with Yule logs, mistletoe, pine boughs in our homes and such. Do you feel compelled to explain the origins at this time of the year to those who do not know the origins....or do you just go with the flow and let them associate all of it with Christ's birth? von
  19. Films or live performance

    I just saw the play: It's a wonderful life: A live radio play. Watching how the old time radio shows were put together - complete with a Foley set up on stage - was fun. The special effects unfolding in front of you was like watching a magician showing you how the magic is done. Another vote for live performance as seeing that on film would not at all have been as entertaining. von
  20. Apple 8, watch

    I made the decision to buy an Apple 8 instead of the X (thanks to all for assisting with that decision) .....I have no idea if there will be any sale before, during or after the holidays so I am holding off on that purchase just in case I can catch a break. However, having said that - if I had not already made the decision to not buy a X the current crop of problems would be off putting . The thing I find amazing is that in spite of a significant bit of not-quite-finished-with-this tweaking by Apple the darn thing is sold out and backordered. Eh.....THAT I do not get. I get wanting the newest thing but maybe at that price its best to let them finish working the bugs out of it before plunking down the money - maybe. Now, I was talking to some long time tech-heads (been at it since the late 60's) and they tell me Apple pretty much is now designing things to implode (become not financially fixable) in a less than four year time span. If you buy Apple - you better plan on replacing what ever you buy in the four year window...the batteries won't last - or they won't be worth fixing if you try to send them back in......anyone else hearing that? ALSO - if you DO send something in for a battery change - you do NOT get your original item back. They give you a "exact replacement"....send yours to the home office to be refurbished and old but YOU DO NOT retain the equipment. You go home with a replacement item...anyone know about that? von
  21. Your legacy...

    The here and now - no matter what the topic - your choices in the now - affect your future trajectory even if you don't weigh that into your actions, no? So I can eat what is on hand because that is all I have.....and not give a thought to the consequences of nutrition, nor amount (gluttony because I can today) .....I just DO...and let the consequences fall where they might. Nonetheless the hangover for many on January 1st was due to decisions made December 31st. TRUE TO YOUR POINT...we can't know....then again - I would not drink a bottle of poison because I would not be certain it would not kill me. There is such a thing as calculated risk taking and decisions based on probability that most of us work into our current decision making..... For those who might be fortunate enough to have accumulated any wealth - they have choices to make regarding the outcome of the material estate (providing for the family, leaving a scholarship in your name for eternity...a trust fund to care for a beloved pet until they too die....) Lots of decisions are put upon us (including naming a beneficiary to an insurance policy) so in many ways WE DO think of future consequences. That i true to how we will be remembered or would like to von
  22. Once again from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer: For The Harvest o f Lands & Waters: O gracious Father,who opens thine hand & fillest all things living with plenteousness:Bless the lands & waters, ,& multiply the harvests of the world;let thy Spirit go forth ,that it may renew the face of the earth;show thy loving kindness,that our land may give her increase;& save us from selfish use of what thou givest,that men & women everywhere may give thee thanks;through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. For Travelers O God our heavenly Father,whose glory fills the whole creation,& whose presence we find everywhere we go; Preserve those who travel;surround them with your loving care;protect them from every danger; & bring them in safety to their journey s end; Through Jesus Christ our Lord.Amen.
  23. That was impressive. Any thoughts on herbal teas? In particular, chamomile, peppermint or ginger?
  24. My sister Joanne...

    Greetings to you my sister, My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. In solidarity, Rev. Calli
  25. In The Book of Common Prayer/Episcopal/Sept 1979 ed,Seabury Press pub/Pg 814 Starts general prayers& Thanksgivings/#56,on page 831 has a prayer for The Victims Of Addiction: O blessed Lord,you ministered toall who came to you:look with compassion upon all who thru addiction have lost their health and freedom. Restore to them the assurance of your unfailing mercy;remove from them the fears that beset them;strengthen them in the work of recovery;& to those who care for them,give patient understanding & perservering love .Amen An Irish Benediction:May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your back; May the sun shine warm upon your face, & the rain fall soft upon your fields, & until we meet again; May God hold you in the palm of His hand.Amen
  26. My sister Joanne...

    I will keep your sorrows with me for a time.
  27. My sister Joanne...

    With a heavy heart, I pass on the news that yesterday, November 16 at 2:30 pm, CA time, Joanne Brumley, my friend and sister, left behind the pain of advanced colon cancer to find out what her next step would be. She is at peace. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
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