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  3. Yes. That is the voice of reason. We can go further. If all religion were to vanish -- people would still be people and the world would still be a mess. Just a different mess.
  4. I wasn't specifically saying religious people. I meant people in general are stupid. Obviously there are exceptions, but few and far between. Creating something of worth doesn't negate a persons stupidity. People will believe all sorts of nonsense even and maybe especially if they have an education. I'm not exempt from this either. I've discovered there are things I "know" that are false after all. So what do I know that is false that I have not discovered?
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  6. So much falls apart when we ask basic questions. The god of the Bible created everything. Everything. How come this god can't produce it's own book, without human help? As an Atheist, there are many gods that I don't believe in. How strange, that my non-belief in only one god is ever challenged. After all, I only believe in one god less, than a Monotheist.
  7. Just so. Religion gave rise to science and reason, ironically. Then when it inspired people to deduce things logically, as science requires, they tried to suppress it as heresy. Why? Because it reduced their influence and power. It is one thing to honor and worship a deity. Quite another to control the masses. You'd think an all powerful deity wouldn't need subordinate handlers to do that. Especially, as He, supposedly, promotes the ability of free will. Right?
  8. Yes. I certainly have my own blind spots. We also have collective blind spots. As Atheists, we have to be careful of our own biases. No. Religious people are not stupid. The Islamic world gave us Arabic numerals. Including the zero. Imagine trying to do math with the Roman numerals. Sir Isaac Newton, who invented calculus, so that he could work out planetary orbits, was renowned as a Protestant theologian. The astronomer who discovered that the Universe was expanding, was a Jesuit priest. He was employed by the Vatican. Plato and the ancient Greek Geometrists were outright mystics. In their quest to describe reality, they created geometry. In like manner, religious minds are not crazy. The diagnostic manuals of mental health do not include religion. Religion can complicate mental illness, but religion per se, is not mental illness. Religious people can be irritating and annoying. Even dangerous. But if we start throwing around words like "stupid" and "crazy", we do them a disservice. We also create a legitimate grievance for religious people. You made no such statement. I just felt a need to throw that in.
  9. People are stupid. Their heads are full of tidbits facts and truths most of which are false, but they want to believe for whatever reason so they will use confirmation bias to sort through the supposed evidence and continue to hold false beliefs. Nobody is immune and all you can do is try to observe it in yourself and correct it as you go.
  10. Some things are core to JW ideology. They will refuse a blood transfusion, even if it kills them or their children. They will refuse to salute the flag, because it's idol worship. They do not vote, because they "are in the world, but not of it.". These are not small matters. A JW who votes will be disfellowshiped. An evil government isn't really a problem for them. They expect it. In an odd way, I think they find it reassuring.
  11. In Dan's case -- and others like him -- it's not about being "willing". "Willing" is not relevant. We are talking about a world view that is seamless. For such a person to be wrong about any of it, means a complete shattering. The terror of such a loss is not something easy for an outsider to understand, but it's real and it's deep. Why then, do we argue with Dan? Look at everything that Dan imagines he will lose, if he discovers that he was wrong about any of it. It's like taking a piece out of a balloon. You can't argue with that kind of terror. Reason, facts and evidence are all doomed to fail. For Dan, failure is unthinkable. He must be right. About all of it. It's time to let go. After all, what do we have at stake? Failure to persuade? I can cope.
  12. You can only assume. Some, like in other religions, may be in name only. And they may be compelled toward change after what we've been through with this administration.
  13. Especially true of those who simply will not accept the possibility of being wrong. Or won't accept defeat in a heated debate where all facts are presented. No one likes to be the weaker person, but strength is greater in the one who can accept failure and learn from it to succeed later.
  14. Happy Birthday to everyone in August! We are all truly blessed to have you in our present world. Rev. Mary
  15. I would like to take this time and thank Spirit for dodging Florida away from Florida. We are truly blessed. Rev. Mary
  16. My main home altar is a simple, inexpensive setup but I love it and I feel it works well for me. Ma Kali is my patron deity because I view Her as The Liberator and The Slayer of Demons. I feel She helps one help the self battle and destroy both external enemies (metaphorical demons such as dangerous or problematic people & unsafe or difficult places) and internal enemies (metaphorical demons such as whatever is posing as a hindrance in one's life within on a physical, psychological, and/or spiritual level). Thus items to represent Ma Kali were fun to look for and easy to find due to her connection with the skull. In quick summary, the items on my main home altar consist of the following: a skull cup I use to contain liquid offerings to Ma Kali during ritual; a skull mug I use to hold my boline which is merely a small knife I use to carve candles during any candle magic I may perform; 4 small white candles representative of the 4 Elements of Earth/Air/Fire/Water and representative also of the 4 seasons here in the Northern Hemisphere; and an altar bell which I use to commence each ritual. Thank you for your time and I hope you are well. Peace unto you. ---Priestess Autumn Penn
  17. There's no factual proof, but plenty of evidence, and that evidence is sufficient for me. I accept it because it has convinced me, but not everyone can or will believe what can't be physically demonstrated, and some still wouldn't believe their own eyes even if it were. A thousand years before Christ, the Psalmist wrote that Romans soldiers would gamble for the cloak of the Messiah at his crucifixion.. Just a coincidence to you, but a divine prophecy to me. When someone describes something like that in detail, I don't see how it could be chalked-off as a lucky guess.
  18. As the saying goes: "You can pick your friends. You can pick your nose. You can't pick your family." JWs? Well, you could do worse. At least, they don't vote.
  19. Cuchulain and Pete -- you're actually arguing with Dan about his beliefs? Alright. Have fun with that.
  20. I have siblings who are JWs. After years of trying to convince me by them and members of their church the elders just asked them not talk to me about religion anymore. Things have been a lot better since. I get the occasional dig like " don't you think it strange that people believe in evolution just because they found a few bones?" You can imagine my response to that 🤣🤪😀
  21. There is as much evidence that you have Dan as there is for Venusians living on venus.
  22. --My First Time Drying Sage-- I got my sage dried. It was an easier process than I had imagined. This is all the steps entailed. 1: I gathered the sage from my landlord's garden on the apartment grounds. 2: I thoroughly washed the sage. 3: I set the sage on a clean hand towel for about 8 hours. 4: I bound the sage together and hanged the sage from the rod for my delicate, air-dry clothing for approximately 2 weeks until dry. Now I intend to burn the sage in a beautiful seashell. Peace unto you. I hope you are faring well. --Priestess Autumn Penn
  23. Ah yes. Now since you have no actual facts to back up your point of view there must be a deficiency in us making it so we won't believe your obvious evidence. It's everyone else isn't it dan
  24. I don't think so.. The biblical God is interactive, not stagnant. He is merciful and forgiving, and that is part of His character. God does not change His principles, but His reaction to us alters in accordance to how we change. In other words, God may forgive one person but not another, not because God is inconsistent, but because one person may repent while another won't. I believe the bible, so of course I quote it in order to substantiate what I believe. I personally find lots of evidence for God, but I suspect no evidence would satisfy you. You've simply chosen not to believe because you detest the biblical God. That's partly why we're called by faith, God wants your trust and love, and only faith can demonstrate that. Proof of God would not relinquish your resentment towards Him..
  25. It's a convention. Like giving God the big G. Other books get captialized. The Tao Te Ching. The Bhagavad Gita. The Koran. Dracula. Moby Dick. It's not about respect. It's common usage. IMO
  26. The more irrational a belief is -- the more a true believer will fight for it. This should not be so, but it is. That is why it's belief and not facts. Yes. Weary is a good word. I used to enjoy arguing for Atheism and sanity. The wind has gone out of my sails. People who are not concerned with evidence, facts, reason or reality -- are not going to be persuaded by anything I have to say. So, I have to ask myself. Why am I arguing? I know it won't do any good. I don't enjoy it. Maybe it's time to just let it go and walk away. Somebody has to walk away. It might as well be me.
  27. I know. However I was referring to lots of illogical beliefs. If it cannot be supported by some evidence then why do people believe these things? You sound weary Jonathan.
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