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  2. It is beyond depravity. True evil. Remember, the designer would know, in perfect detail, about the resulting suffering. All of it.
  3. Assuming that by " [not] worry[-ing] about others yards" implies you don't even contemplate forcing your ideas onto those others....
  4. For most, there is no way to be "converted". As has been said before: even if there was prove, most atheists wouldn't even want to honour such an evil entity. Just consider those parasitic wasps that inject their eggs into caterpillar and whose larvae eat the poor thing alive from the inside out... What kind of sick being would "design" such a thing...?!?
  5. How to convert an Atheist. Since this thread is about proving the truth of Christianity -- What would it take?
  6. You have already explained this. A separate spiritual reality. Alright.
  7. Your godfather would be the walking definition of a hypocrite. As I wrote "its up to every individual to align themselves with his teachings and example". "For if we sin willfully after we have received the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation" (Hebrews 10:26) For Christians, His Truth is the truth... And there is personal responsibility, we just aren't condemned for falling short.
  8. This is the structure of Christian theology. Giving our sins to Christ, means no personal responsibility. It's strange. The same Christians, are the people talking about objective morality. What do they care about? We must be willing to believe, without evidence. We must be willing to ignore evidence, that suggests we are mistaken. The frame of mind that every con artist exploits. It's Dan.
  9. I mow my yard in a pattern. I've learned from others and experience and observation. I've adapted over the years and added my own thoughts to the pattern. My yard is not identical to others and my tools are different too, so I do what works for me. I don't worry about others yards nor what they think of my pattern. Same with religion and philosophy.
  10. Funny, that's exactly what my godfather (who's a "professional" criminal, and has been for the past 40 or so years, no pun intended) says... He goes to church every sunday for his "weekly spiritual bath" (and confessing past weeks "mistakes and accepting Christ's truth")...
  11. Christ got it right, its up to every individual to align themselves with his teachings and example. Not understanding something does not condemn a person, nor does making mistakes. Denying Christ is what sinks your boat. Getting saved is not an intellectual test, its accepting his truth.
  12. What does this tell me? That even then -- when Jesus was still walking around -- Speaking the same language as his audience -- people still couldn't agree what his teachings meant. So, what makes you so sure that you have it right? People who actually heard it, straight from Jesus, got it wrong -- but you got it right? Seriously? Objective -- Verifiable -- Evidence.
  13. Off course you are (worse off).... As cuchulain already said: "Odin might be pissed at you when you get to Valhalla"...
  14. An addendum: Dan, there is also no reason to think that you -- or your group -- are part of that tiny minority -- that got it right.
  15. This is an argument. Arguments are not objective, verifiable evidence.
  16. Christ said that he was the Truth, and there's only one version of that... What if I'm wrong? I'm no worse off... What if your wrong? Inquisitions were religious movements which may have invoked the name of Christ, but their actions demonstrated they weren't followers of Christ. So I agree, the justification of forcibly or violently cleansing or converting a society in the name of Christ is a complete distortion of his example and everything he taught. I also agree that Satan has and does attempt to contaminate the simple truth by defiling religion, its been his modus operandi from the beginning. As I've repeated, while faith cannot be confirmed via objectionable evidence, it's not completely blind either. The bible says the truth is spiritually discerned and offers prophetic evidence to substantiate divine inspiration. But it does boil down to a choice where belief is required. For myself, religious factions or denominations aren't all synonymous or representative of Christ, that realization was even observed by Christ with his assessment of the 7 churches in Revelation, where he was only satisfied with 2.
  17. You want to bring logic into this. Cool. All of the religions -- and religious factions -- of the world, can't all be right. They can all be wrong. It takes blind faith for a person to believe that his religion got it right -- and all the other religions got it wrong.
  18. That is one way to understand this. I have another. Trump's Evangelical base may be preparing to turn on him. A difficult proposition if Trump really is -- as they have been insisting -- God's anointed. If Trump is no longer God's anointed -- they are now free to swim away from his sinking ship. Like any other rat. The Evangelicals have made themselves into the church of Trump. They don't want to go down with him.
  19. As much as I'd like to have our men and women out of harm's way in the Middle East, it is wrong to betray those who have aided us in our efforts to achieve our goals against our enemies. To withdraw would enact the same carnage upon the Kurds as was occurred upon the Iraqi's who opposed Hussein in the first Gulf War when Bush Sr. withdrew instead of finishing the mission, and failed in his promise of aid to them.
  20. That is one view. Another view that many factions hold, is that Christianity is about what we must do in this life to receive the spiritual afterlife we desire. Indeed, much like some Muslim factions, it can lead to efforts of cleansing society of sinners and non-believers. Example: Spanish Inquisition. Either view, in my mind, is a kind of distortion of what Christ was teaching. I also think that Satan, if he does exist, would use the truth if it accomplishes what he wants. This is where discernment is greatly tested, no? So many factions, so many truths, but so few are right in the way the truth is used.
  21. Which of the more than 34000 versions is your accepted truth, Dan? What if you're wrong? Odin might be pissed at you when you get to Valhalla... you should repent now just in case.
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