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  2. Dan acts like his own denomination. The obvious example, being this weird doctrine of his, about Noah's flood. That it was a local event, instead of the World wide flood taught by the rest of Christianity. The Bible is literal, except where it isn't. Dan knows which is which.
  3. although Dan will totally disagree but the Evangelicals are a split off too. The church who debated what to believe under Constantine was the church of Rome. That church crushed the voice of others including the Jews so they could control things. It was not until Luther broke away did so many other church give birth, each claiming they more accurately interpreted the bible. It's been break away all down the line until you come to the church of Dan😀.
  4. Now, a word from Trump's Godly supporters. I can be even handed
  5. Actually, traditional Judaism makes a distinction. There is the written Law -- and the Oral tradition. Both came down the mountain with Mosses.
  6. You are correct on both counts. Judaism does not recognize the authority of Jesus or the New Testament. Jews -- at least the Orthodox -- continue to wait for the Messiah. They are not waiting for Jesus. Neither do they see New Testament prophecy in their Scriptures. That is a Christian appropriation (theft). Dan is operating out of standard Christian theology. This states that the Old Testament (Jewish Covenant), has been replaced by the New Testament (Christianity) . For the last 2,000 years, the Jewish world has disdained that theology. This has been a theological stumbling block for Christians. That the people of Jesus, rejected his claims. It has been a rich cause of antisemitism. We should keep this in historic context. Islam claims to be the third Covenant in this sequence. Just as Christianity has replaced Judaism -- Islam has replaced Christianity. You must have noticed. Dan is not concerned with the authority of Mohammed or the Koran. That is how Jews feel about Jesus and the New Testament. The Mormon Church -- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints -- also claims to be the third Covenant. The third Covenant is expressed as "The Book of Mormon" and two others. Of course, there are other groups which build on Christianity. For instance, Christian Science. There are other groups which build on Islam. For instance, B'Hai. Can you see where this is going? Jews look at Christian claims of authority -- and Islamic claims of authority -- and are not impressed. Or interested.
  7. We are talking about a religious faith; that is impervious to external reality. It's too late to bring reason into this. Much too late. They believe.
  8. It's a given that the Christian crazies -- and the Jewish crazies -- have found each other and are working together. For their own agenda. They want the third Temple to go up. On the site of the Temple Mount -- which is the site of the Al Axa Mosque. The most toxic elements, of all three religions, converge at that point. It is the world's deepest rabbit hole. True madness.
  9. Judaism does not recognize Jesus as the messiah and he does not fulfill their scriptures on the topic. Fundies insist he does. Judaism have no records that Jesus existed or the events of his death like the temple curtain being ripped, darkness ascending, or the dead walking. On your first point it seems with all at gods disposal a couple of stones were used to write with. Then there are so many laws that moses must of been the strongest man who ever lived or have been crushed under their weight.
  10. Two things about this comes to mind, Dan. One, how do we know the Laws were given by God to Moses were there witnesses not of his circle? After all, he was then in a seat of power, so to speak. Or maybe the laws were dictated to the people by his "aides", with his trusting assumption they were telling what he received? Second, I don't believe the Jews recognize the New Testament, with its attribution of authority given to Jesus. Thus, as "God's chosen people", they are still awaiting for a Messiah to come the first time. On this point, I could be mistaken, as I don't know anything about Judaism.
  11. It seem the bible defence that without the bible how would atheists know good from evil Lays hol!ow. It seems believers are the ones who don't know and need a 2000 year old document to tell them. That is why they cannot see crushing the skull of a none virgin wife is wrong.
  12. So your saying killing non virgin brides would of stopped Jesus coming. Yeah right and I suppose wearing two types of cloth also would of stopped him. You can excuse any brutality that ran for years but I can't. I see some are wanting an apocalyptic war to bring him back again Sheer madness.
  13. The stiff penalties attached with the Law of Moses were answered by Christ, who became the curse of the law. So the change was not an agenda to appease anyone. It was never a democracy open to change, the strict enforcement of Mosaic Law was necessary to govern and preserve God's chosen people, to pave the way Messiah would come.
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  15. To my understanding; God is a projection. A cruel people, will project that cruelty, onto their God. It is the God that makes sense to them. Even now -- look and see who resonates with that God.
  16. It's funny but if the OT God was a human and went about saying kill without remorse or compassion or empathy, he would be labelled a psychopath. To insist that someone had to die for each transgression and have his son die for that reason then they have a severe personality disorder. Yet, when they say they are God then all this is overlooked. I don't get it. They worship a psychopath and someone with severe personality problems. Yet, I just think people wanted to have law in a deeply religious population and what better way to control them by saying God said it.
  17. I take people at their word. Who wants this? They are Legion. Mark 5:9 And he asked him, What is thy name? And he answered, saying, My name is Legion: for we are many. In Context | Full Chapter | Other Translations
  18. Just to highlight another theory that's out there: Dan, there are still many who don't think so at all. That the laws were written by men who then proclaimed it was "given" to them by God. In a time when it was blasphemy to question religious leaders on the subject of God with any doubt, which was generally punishable by death then, I don't think many would have argued against them. Could be another reason some rules seem to have been relaxed after Jesus, too, because someone placed their own agenda in it to keep the masses in line via appeasement.
  19. Horrible. True extreme of what faith can do. Yes, it's madness. Such a shame that a faith would render its followers to be living back in the middle ages, before science could develop more effective medicine. Who really wants to live like that?
  20. What would jesus do? Well, he was supposed to be god on earth, so probably something god would have done...yep. Killed his enemies.
  21. How horrible would the world be if prayer worked? I mean, biblical god is a pretty demented being. "please god let that lady who cut me off in traffic die horribly" would likely get a yes from the twisted being.
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  23. Yes. If only faith -- and prayer -- actually made a difference. A real difference. Alas, we are stuck with reality.
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